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Beth Bender
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OAKLEY~ click name for Pedigree

Oakley was born right here. He is a grandson of our retired show boy, Beemer. (Who came from prestigous Stoneriver Dachshunds in Michigan)We are very happy with how lovely he is. He is happy and goofy.  Oakley is small for a cream, but he has nice bone, and weighs 9 pounds. He carries Black and  Piebald.
OAKLEY has a HIGH Girl to Boy Ratio in the litters he has sired!  
Cord 1 PRA tested: n/P  and AKC DNA tested
Stud Fee: $500 up front, or possible "Puppy Back" option
(At Benderdachs'discretion) Call for information about stud service.
This is BEEMER & Beth winning his first Champion points!  He did very well in the show ring. Then he decided  he just didn't enjoy it anymore.

HUNTER   Click Name for pedigree

Hunter is our little Piebald boy. He is a Longhair Black&Tan Piebald.
He should carry cream and chocolate. His pedgree is unremarkable, like most piebalds.  (Very few show breeders bred piebalds, then they were banned from showing for many years. As of 2018, they are once again allowed in the show ring.)
If he grows up as nicely as we expect, he will sire puppies here some day.
He has a nice topline (level back) which can be hard to find in piebalds. He also has very little ticking (tiny colored spots on the white background) Ticking is not a fault,  just our personal preference to have minimal ticking.
Althoug he is still growing, we expect he will weigh around 11 pounds when mature.  We are excited at the possibility of having adorable Piebald Puppies in the future.  He is from Crestlines Kennel in Washington

ELVIS  Click name for Pedigree

Was born here, and is co-owned by us, but he lives at McDoxies in Hardin
He is a longhair Black&Tan Dapple. (see the faint black patches on his side?)
His coat has a "bluish" tint to it, and is sometimes referred to as "Faux-Dilute" or "Canadian Blue." (These names are misleading, because it is not a true dilute, which we do not breed, due to their skin and coat issues) His unusual body color is caused by a mutation of the merle gene, not the dilution gene. This mutation was just recently discovered through DNA lab tests. (Ma+)
Elvis has a spectacular pedigree, with BOTH Grand sires being AKC GRAND Champions! He carries cream. Altough he is still growing, we expet he will weigh between 12 & 14 pounds once mature.

We are also friends with other breeders in the area who let us "borrow" their males,
when their boy might be a better match to one of our girls.