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Beth Bender
Hardin, Montana (406)679-1219~Text Only
The Ladies
Pedigrees Are Available By Request
  1. Executive Director
    Longhair Black & Tan
    Is beautiful and she knows it! She is very confident. Her sire is a Bronze Grand Champion. She weighs 11 pounds.
  2. Executive Director
    Future Mom
  3. Executive Director
    Future Mom
  4. Executive Director
    Smooth Cream Piebald
    Is a little girl with big personality! Her grandsire is from Sniffntell in Canada. She is almost 10 pounds. PRA n/n
  5. Executive Director
    Smooth Red Dapple Brindle
    Is a happy girl. She carries Cream, Black, Piebald & Longhair, as well as being BOTH Dapple and Brindle! 13 pounds..
  6. Executive Director
    ADDIE~Future Mom
    Longhair Cream
    Is sweet and loving, but can be a little barky with strangers. Her grandmother is a Champion. She has a gorgeous coat. 10 lbs.

Beth Bender 
Hardin, Montana   Text Only~(406) 679-1219
(I no longer answer calls I do not know, due to so many scammers) Please Text or Email FIRST. Thanks.