Life is Better with a BenderDachs
Beth Bender
Hardin, Montana (406)679-1219~Text Only
The Ladies
Pedigrees Are Available By Request
  1. Executive Director
    Longhair Black & Tan
    Is beautiful and she knows it! She is very confident. Her sire is a Bronze Grand Champion. She weighs 11 pounds.
  2. Executive Director
    BUG-retiring in 2018
    Longhair Red Brindle Piebald
    Is energetic and social. She loves people and wants to be where the action is! Weighs 14 lbs.
  3. Executive Director
    Longhair Red Dapple
    Is our gentle and sweet girl. She just wants love. She carries Chocolate, Cream and Piebald and weighs 10 lbs.
  4. Executive Director
    Smooth Cream Piebald
    Is a little girl with big personality! Her grandsire is from Sniffntell in Canada. She is small...just 9 pounds. PRA n/n
  5. Executive Director
    Smooth Red Dapple Brindle
    Is a happy girl. She carries Cream, Black, Piebald & Longhair, as well as being BOTH Dapple and Brindle! 13 pounds..
  6. Executive Director
    Smooth Black&Tan Dapple
    Is 4th generation Benderdachs. She is bold, with show dog attitude from her ancestors. Dottie weighs 11 pounds, carries Longhair.

Beth Bender 
Hardin, Montana   Text Only~(406) 679-1219
(I no longer answer calls I do not know, due to so many scammers) Please Text or Email FIRST. Thanks.