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Beth Bender
Hardin, Montana (406)679-1219~Text Only
Welcome to Benderdachs' home on the internet!

About Us..We are a small IN HOME breeding and former Show home of AKC Smooth and Longhair Dachshunds.
We live in SouthEast Montana(near Hardin) We are not a "kennel" or a "facility." Our home is our dogs' home, too!
The idea of Benderdachs started in 1999. I then bought books and started studying the breed, and making friends with established and reputable breeders. The first Benderdachs litter of puppies was born in 2002.
Not many Breeders have been around as long as we have, because breeding and raising dogs is alot of hard work!
It can be heartbreaking & expensive. There are alot of sleepless nights and very few vacations. We breed to provide nice quality and healthy pets to people who appreciate having a short, quirky, & loving companion.
We could sell twice as many puppies as we have in a year, but we prefer to stay small enough to give special attention to all of our dogs and puppies. (We usually have up to 6 litters a year) Please understand if you do not get chosen
for a puppy the first time you get on a Wish List. Just apply AGAIN, 
 We do NOT automaticlly carry names forward to the next litter, you need to apply again.

Puppy Prices Start at $650

About Our Dachshunds
We have Creams in Cream and Black, cream carriers, and Dapple, Brindle & Piebald patterns. 
We prefer the longhair variety, with an emphasis on "English Cream" heritage, because of their gentle nature and extreme beauty.
We also have SMOOTH doxies because of their huge popularity and fun loving  personalities!  
Our dogs are Fully AKC Registered. They have been carefully selected for their quality conformation, and healthy bloodlines.   
Some of our dogs have Exceptional bloodlines, with Imports & Champions from prestigous kennels close in pedigrees.   
  Our doxies are family members that always raise their puppies right alongside us INSIDE our home...NEVER outside or in a kennel. 
The pups get daily attention & handling, in order to be well socialized and happy when they arrive in their new home with you.
Our adult dogs are fed high quality Meat-Based Grain Free food, are given Glucosamine & Chondroitin, Ester C, and Turmeric supplements.
They drink Purified Bottled Water.

Beth & Livvie 2007

Beth and Livvie 2017

This is a small sample of some our previous puppies, to show you the variety of colors & patterns that we can have at Benderdachs.

Livvie: 2003-2018

Please remember that a Dachshund should live to be a dozen
years old, or more! Getting a dachshund is a big emotional
and financial commitment!
If you are ever unable to keep your Benderdachs Dachshund,
please contact us! We can take it back OR assist you in finding a new home for him or her.  PLEASE don't ever take your Dachshund to an Animal Shelter, or have it put down because you can no longer keep it!
We  often have people contact us looking for adult dogs.
We can help you find a Great new home for your dachshund,
even if it is NOT a Benderdachs!
We invite you to visit our home (60 miles from Billings)
to PICK-UP your puppy, or we will deliver to Billings for FREE!
We don't allow people into our home to  "Just look at  the puppies." By the time your puppy is ready, we will have built up a friendship with you,
and will welcome you to pick up your puppy.
Delivery is Possible depending on our schedule and weather.
These are the locations we can deliver puppies:
Livingston~ Harlowton~ (for Great Falls Buyers) 
Miles City~  Sheridan, WY ~  Cody, WY~
Due to the cost of FUEL, and the TIME it takes, ALL deliveries now cost $50.00. If I am delivering multiple puppies to one loaction, I will split the cost between you.  Delivery to Billings is still FREE.

Due to USDA Laws: Sorry, NO SHIPPING of Pet Puppies!
We must meet face to face to deliver your pet.

Beth Bender
Email is:
OR TEXT PLEASE: (406) 679-1219
(I no longer answer calls I do not know due to so many scammers!)